Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 41

Ok..so quick story..Today we went to zumba (duh) but had some issues! Due to traffic we were not early but EXACTLY on time..well, when we came up the stairs there was a lady standin there sayin it was full to capacity and we weren't allowed in! I was like..seriously?!? we always pack in that room!! People come in in the middle of class like alllllllll the time! Well..we met up with a few other 'regulars' that were rejected and talked about it..Then I was like..well I will sit outside the door and wait for someone to leave (because people always do), but Em said we should go to the track or something..so i jogged around the track a mile and she ran..then we walked and I decided I would sneak down and see if the mean lady (who I later found out was also a zumba intstructor, but I have seen her in class and she sucks, and she was prob just jealous) was still there..she wasn't..so I got em and we snuck in for the last 20 minutes. The director was in there though but told us she would let us in..I was like..u better because I NEED zumba! Anyway..we got some part of our zumba fix, but u better believe that friday we will be there over 30 minutes in advance!! Here is my food intake:


large whey shake--3.5pt.
TMP salad--1pt.

grouper n white wine--3pt.
small tater with laughing cow n salsa--4pt.
brocc with lemon--0pt.
white wine--2pt.

1/2 cup 1% milk--1pt.
cookie crumbles--5.5pt.

****jogging and zumba mix-- +3pt.

Total: 26/23 (used activity)
Banked for week: 4pt.

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