Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 29

I actually really slept in until after 10! Due to that, breakfast was skipped and went right into lunch! If you couldn't tell, I love love LOVE McAlister's and that is where I got to go today. The funny part was that we ate really early (about 11) and I figured I would be starving at normal dinner time, but I wasn't! I also have to rave about the fact that McAlister's actually has their nutrition posted online, which makes me SMILE because sooooooooooooo many places do not! ugh.. Makes me crazy! we go!


Lunch at McAlister's:
Chicken Tortilla soup--3.5pt.
1/2 a Reuben--6pt.
Unsweet tea with splash lemonade--2pt.
1/4 giant choc chip cookie--2.5pt.

1/2 cup spinach with balsamic vinegar--0pt.
melting pot salad--2pt.

grapes and watermelon (mmMMMm)--1pt.

After VBS:
Lean Cuisine 'Steak Tips Portebello with brocc'--3pt. (!!!)
1 slice 2% cheese for brocc--1pt.
Little Debbie Pecan Spinwheel--2pt.

Total: 23/23
Banked for week: -11

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