Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 25

Little sore today. I worked out 5 days this week, but I am thinking maybe I need to space it out. I took my 2 off days in a row, but I think I need to spread them out. After today my calves are KILLING with some Nurse Annie advice I ate a banana and drank more water. I am skipping on cycling tomorrow but might do some yoga. Not sure. Thoughts? I've been doing lots of cardio, but maybe I need to add some toning. Anyway. Here if my break down for the day..

Curves Bar--1pt.
Applesauce sugar free--.5pt.


Later lunch at El Ranchero:
6 chips--1.5pt.
Chicken Quessidilla--6pt.

1/2 banana--1pt.

Bite of my mom's left over pizza--2pt.
Small tater--2.5pt.
laughing cow and salsa for potato--1pt.
1/2 peach--.5pt.
Action Whey drink with 3/4 cup 1% milk--3.5pt.

****60 minutes zumba-- +3pt.

Total: 26/23 (used all activity points)
Remaining banked that expire today: 21

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on adding Action Whey to your daily routine. That will help alot! I also recommend Emerald Sea due to its awesome boost to your metabolism and its ability to block fat. The two together provide amazing nutrition. Keep up the good work!!