Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 18 -- past due

Sorry..its been crazy..but noooo worries cuz I kept recordin'!

Curves bar--1pt.
SF Applesauce--.5pt.
sliced ham n fruit--.5

Lunch at the Ranch:
Chicken Fajitas (alone)--6pt.
<1/4 cup guac--1pt.
6 chips--1.5pt.
1 1/2 sangria--3.5pt.

50 minutes of ZUMBA::: +3pts.

salad with free italian--0pt.
inside out pizza--2pt.
1/2 cup v8--1pt.
Chicken soup from demos--2pt.
Rum Runner--4pt.

Total: 27/23 (used 3 activity pts and 1 bank point)

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