Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 32

Ugh..Well, the good news is its the end of the week..the bad was Carabba's was kinda ehhh..I know I ate too much and I don't know if I believe the nutrition I found online... O well


Lunch at Carrabba's:
House salad with 1 tbsp. dressing--1pt.
1/2 chicken bryan--7pt.
1/4 chicken marsala--2.5pt.
3 slices bread--6pt.
bite brusch n lasagna--2pt.
3 curls pasta--1pt.

grapes and watermelon--2pt.
2 lite nutri grain waffles--2pt.
2 tbsp. lite syrup--1pt.
3/4 cup milk--1.5pt.

Total: 27/23

Banked: 0!

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