Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 30

Well today I was extra early woken up thanks to mommy because Ema might have got some audition which she turned down because they wanted her to wash a car, wear a white t-shirt with a red bra under it--translation: not a very nice thing for a good girl to do if it is going to be in a music video that plays on tv. But anyway, I was already pretty awake, so I got up to catch up on my blogs! I was a tad preoccupied this week because I was updating one of my other blogs:
Now this weekend is Father's Day..translation--2 large meals..ok, well 2 meals out..and this particular weekend both father's have chosen italian (WEAKNESS!) So please pray that I can keep it together!! (One of them being Carraba's which is my ABSOLUTE FAV restaurant -italian or not!)

Power'wich with a new spin (I used thinly sliced everything bagel, and mm mm good!)--4pt.

whey shake--4pt.

salad with 1/2 tbsp. melting pot dressing--1pt.
2 rice cakes--2pt.
1/2 cup prego--1pt.
shrooms n peps--0pt.
2 special k crisps--2pt.

lean cuisine--4pt.
applesauce SF--.5pt.

1 oreo--1.25
pecan roll--2pt.

****Zumba 60 minutes-- +5pt.

Total: 22.75/23

Banked for week: -.8

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