Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 19--monday monday

Today was, again, PACKED! Although it was very fun to attempt at an hour of cycling followed by an hour of yoga/pilates..Quite funny though! Me and my girlies couldn't stop giggling at us attempting the poses! hehehehe..and the night ended with a weak spot, but luckily I had the points to cover!!

Power wrap--3pt.

Lunch at McAlisters:
1/2 New Yorker--7pt.
Veggie Chili--2pt.
2 saltines--1pt.
unsweet tea lemonade--1pt.

Dinner at Friday's:
3 jack daniel sliders--12pt.
blackberry LIT--4pt.
Lemon Twist--4pt.
Captain Morgan--2pt.

Snack--2 bites chess pie--3pt.

****60 minutes cycling at moderate-high intensity= +5.5
****60 minutes yoga/pilates at low intensity= +2

Daily total: 40/23 (used all activity points and all of 5 banked points for the week and then some)
Banked: -4.5

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