Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 31

Darn Buca Di Beppo!! Why don't you put your nutrtion info ANYWHERE online!! Well..I did all right, but know I went over too. PLUS there was a mistake on one of the restaurant websites about McAlister's croissant saying it was about 2 less points than it really was..EEK!

greek yogurt--2pt.

Lunch at McAlister's:
Veggie Chili--2pt.
2 saltines--1pt.
1/2 croissant--4pt.
1/2 serving smoked turkey--1pt.
1/2 serving provolone--1pt.

Dinner at Buco Di Beppo (EXTREMELY ROUGH ESTIMATES, pretty much this was another splurge...):
Salad with 1 tbsp. house dressing--2pt.
1/4 small serving of spaghetti marinara--5pt.
1/3 spicy sausage--3pt.
2 slices mozzarella bread--4pt.
2 spoonfulls tiramasu--2pt.

Total: 28/23

Banked weekly: -1

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