Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 13


lite string cheese--1pt.
pears in lite juice--1pt.
strawberry alcohol beverage--4pt.
1 chips ahoy reduced fat cookie--1pt.

Dinner at Magnolia Grill:
2 glasses Reisling wine--4pt.
Crab cake topped shrimp fetticini alfredo--who knows! but we will say 15pt. (i only ate half)


Running total: 37.5pt. --used 14 from bank!

Bank total remaining: 9.5

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 12

Today I am heading out to Florida to enjoy a long weekend for my birthday! I have banked points up all week for this weekend, so just cross your fingers that I can stay for the most part on task!! Good thing seafood is not toooooooo bad for u!

crumby muffin--2pt.
Unsweet tazo lemonade shaken from starbucks--0pt.

salad with free italian--0pt.
sugar free applesauce--.5pt.
HG exposed pizza--2pt.
*english muffin
*laughing cow
*tomato sauce
chicken broth--0pt.

Dinner at Chick-fil-a:
6 count kids nugget meal--4.5pt.
small waffle fry--6.5pt.
chick-fil-a sauce--4pt.
1/2 honey mustard with ketchup--.5pt.
40 Reese's Pieces--4pt.

Midnight birthday surprise at Shake's:
Junior custard with heath bites--5pt.

Total: 29/23 --used 6 banked points

Banked running total points: 19

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 11

Feelin a little down on myself today about weight loss...I've been stickin to my diet, but I don't feel like I'm goin anywhere. Of course this could be caused by the fact I never officially weighed in consistently. It looks as though I have lost about 3 pounds, but I'm not totally sure. I need to exercise more but I keep feelin so worn out and when I have a good time to do it, its usually after dinner when I feel too full! I guess it also doesn't help that I had 3 corn nuggets for dinner and fruit tea making me feel kinda guilty even if I DID stay in my point range..i dunooooo..well here is my break down for the day:

Applesauce sugar-free--.5pt.

Pear in lite juice--1pt.

Turkey Rueben Quesidilla--2.5
Special K Crisps--1pt.

Dinner at Sweet Tea Diner:
3 corn nuggets--3pt.
1 small roll with butter--3pt.
2 orders green beans with honey mustard--1.5pt.
1 order turnip greens--0pt.
fruit tea--4pt.

After Dinner:
Low sugar Maple and Brown sugar Oatmeal--2pt.
1/4 cup 1% milk--.5pt.
1 tbsp. lite syrup--.25pt.

Total: 23.5/23 -.5pt banked

Banked today: 4.5
Banked to use: 20

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 10

2 Special K crisps--2pt.
Sugar Free Applesauce--.5pt.

celery and dip--1pt.
lite string cheese--1pt.
9 mini rice cakes--1pt.

Hungry Girl Bacon Bundled BBQ Shrimp (6)--3pt.
Crumby muffin--2pt.
1 cup 1% milk--2pt.
1 apple--1pt.
1 tbsp. organic peanut butter--2.5pt.

Total: 23/23 +1 for activity, but didn't use

Banked from today: 6
Banked to use: 15

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 9


Pear cup in light juice--1pt.

Celery with Dip--1pt. (reduced fat sour cream mixed with kroger brand party dip)
Light String Cheese--1pt.
Crumby coffee cake thingie (as seen on day 8)--2pt.
Diet Coke--0pt.

9 Quaker mini rice cakes (ranch)--1pt.

Dinner from Cracker Barrel:
Grilled Chicken Tenderloins--3pt.
Southern Green Beans--1pt.
Hashbrown Casserole--4pt.
1 oz. jam (2 .5oz. packs)--1pt (? couldn't find this anywhere)

crumby muffin (from day 8)--2pt.

Total: 24/23 *-1 from bank

Bank: 9.4

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 8

1 apple--1pt.

Lunch at Atlanta Bread Co.:
1/2 chicken salad sandwich--3.5pt.
Greek salad with 1 tbsp. greek dressing--6pt.

Snack at Starbucks:
Shaken Iced tea lemonade (unsweet)--2pt.

Salad with light catalina--1pt.
1 piece EZ tomato-basil chicken--4pt.
Broccoli with lemon and garlic--0pt.
1 crazy-crumbly super-yummy coffee cake--2pt.
3/4 cup 1% milk--3pt.

Total: 22.6/23

Banked: 5.4

Day 7 (late)

1 cup strawberries--1pt.
1 cup bran--1pt.

Lunch at El Ranchero:
6 chips n salsa--1.5pt.
Chicken fajitas with tiny guac and rice--8pt.
1 special k crisp--1pt.

6 HG cheese sticks--2pt.
2 tasty kakes--4pt.
2 oz. wine--1pt.
Smart ones ravioli--5pt.
3/4 cup 1% milk--3pt.

Total: 27.5/23

Banked left over--2.5 (expires now)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 6 (today!)

I slept in today meaning I missed breakfast!

Lunch at McAlister's Deli:
You choose 2:
*Veggie Chili--2pt.
*1/2 the memphian--6pt.
*2 saltine crackers with chili--1pt.
Unsweet/sweet/lemonade tea mix--4pt.? (no idea on the point value)

Healthy Choice Chicken Margarita--6pt.
Special K crisps--2pt.
Ruby Tuesday Sangria--3pt.
2 turkey burgers--13pt.

sugar free oatmeal--2pt.
1 tbsp. lite syrup--.25pt.
1/4 cup 1% milk--.5pt.

Running total: 36.8/23

Banked: 7.2

Also, as I was looking up Restaurant info I figured I would include this..
McAlister's nutrion info straight from the horse's mouth
OR McAlister's points already figured for you

Then I thought this site was worth mentioning because it has low point stuff that I wanna look at!

Day 5 (day late)

Day 5 (sorry a little behind..didn't have time last night!)
Power sandwich--4pt.

Lite String Cheese--1 pt.
Sugar free applesauce-- .5pt.
Broc n chz green giant--0pt.

1 cup bran--1 pt.

Dinner at Camino Real:
Chicken quesidilla--6pt.
6 chips n salsa--1.5pt.

Special treat at Dairy Queen:
Small dipped cone--8pt.

Daily total: 25/23

Free to use banked points for the week: 16

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 4

Another restaurant visit that was a success!!! I only took a teensy sip from Brian's margarita at my all time fav margarita place, Chili's! Oo..and I only had 3-4 SMALL chips! WOO!

POWER sandwich--4 pt.

1/2 cup turkey chili--2pt.
Green beans--0pt.
Brocc mixed with eggwhites--1pt.

Oikos greek yogurt--2 pt.
strawberries--1 pt.

Dinner at Chili's:
Margarita grilled chicken, NO tortilla chips or rice, add corn on cob (next time must ask WITHOUT butter! oops!)--14 pt.
4 chips with salsa--1 pt.

special k crisps (2)--2 pt.

Daily total: 27/23

Forgot to be including banked totals! With the WW flex plan you get either 5 extra points a day or 35 extra per week..I just do it by day..including today I have...

13 left!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 3--panera panera..

I made it out alive, but Panera Bread was a bit of a challenge! I knew going into it that they have barely anything under 10 points, so I kept it basic. Luckily I thought about it before hand and was prepared with some sugar free applesauce in my purse!

POWER sandwich (myyy fav)--4 pt.
*Nature's Own Round-1 pt.
*3 slices turkey-1 pt.
*Egg Whites-1 pt.
*1 lite string cheese spread on bread-1pt.
1/2 cup 1% milk--1 pt.

Lunch at Panera:
Classic salad with balsamic vinegarette on the side--3.5 pt. (yes this was the lowest dressing they had! ugh..I was hoping for one of the 1pt. dressings that I found on the restaurant sites..)
Sugar free Applesauce--.5pt.
1 BITE of cinnamon coffee crumb cake--1pt. (my grandma got this and she offered me half, but I was good and only took 1 single bite! The entire slice has 11 points in it, so I figured that it was about 11 bites meaning I had 1pt.)

1 piece tilapia with garlic--1.5pt.
Broc/Chz--1 pt.
Green Beans--0pt.
Potato with LC and salsa--3 pt.
1/2 cup spinach soufle--4pt.

1/2 cup 1% milk--1 pt.
Cinnabon bar--3 pt.

spcial k crisp blueberry (1)--1 pt.

Running total: 24/23

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 2

My first restaurant challege..and WON!

Food log:
-Applesauce .5pt.
-1/2 TLC pumpkin spice flax seed bar 1pt.

Lunch at Sweet Tea Diner:
Roll 2pt.
Baked chicken breast with skin removed 5pt.
2 servings green beans 1pt.?
Turnip Greens 0pt.
1 tbsp. honey mustard 1.5pt.
Unsweet tea mixed with about a cup of fruit tea 2pt.

1 cup turkey chili 4.5pt.
9 mini ranch rice cakes 1 pt.
1/2 lemon square 1.5pt.
1/2 KK mini crueler 1.5pt.

1 TLC pumpkin spice bar 1.5pt.

Running total: 23/23

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 1

Yay! I have (almost) made it through my first day without cheating! The late night munchies is what really gets to me, but I am doing my best to stay OUT of the kitchen!! Here was the breakdown of my food choices today (following WW-and I get 23 points)

Egg and Cheese Croissan'wich--7.5 pt.

Nature's Own Sandwich Roung with mustard--1pt.
Oven Roasted turkey slices--1pt.
Havarti Cheese--2.5pg.
Sliced tomatoes and grape tomatoes-0pt.
Sugar Free Apple Sauce- .5pt.

Romaine/Cabbage with yellow peppers, grape tomatoes, onion and 2 tbsp. Fat Free Catalina--1pt.
1/2 cup Turkey Chili --2.5 pt.
1/2 baked potatoe with 1/2 laughing cow french onion--3pt.
WW lemon bar --3 pt.

Total: 22/23

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time to begin..

All right friends. I know I have fallen off the weight watchin' wagon..but starting monday I am going to start strong!! I have found some tools to help me on my journey and want to share them:

The PERFECT spread sheet for any WW could NOT get any easier than this! Thanks Stella Mama!! CLICK HERE

Of course there are plenty of places on the web to find point values for food and/or restaurants, and here are just a few I will be using (click on the whole link):
Simple Sushi List
Snakies by Stella Mama
Dotti's WL Zone--BIG restaurant list
ABC order restaurant list

Again from Stella Mama
Broken down by food category
Not organized, but provides lots of pictures
Organized by point value
And of course as I prepare WW dishes, I will record them in my personal blog

Random helpful hits (click link):
If you don't have a calculator..this helps
How to get through the weekend
Basically just visit Stella Mama
List of other WW friendly sites