Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 34

O so sore from the Ultimate Circuit workout from yesterday. It's a wonder I made it to zumba! The next few days are going to be bad cuz im goin to knoxville...... o well..here's today..

1/2 nana--1pt.

Lunch at the Feed Mill:
1/4 lb. turkey--2pt.
1oz. baby swiss--3pt.
Rosemary bread--3

watermelon and grapes--2pt.

salad with 1 tbsp. Melting Pot--1pt.
1/4 Healthy Choice lobster ravioli (not the greatest..)--1.75
Smart ones ricotta with spinach--5pt.

greek yogurt--2pt.
20 reese's pieces--2pt.

******55 min zumba-- +5pt.

Total: 26.5/23

Banked for week: 14

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