Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 28

soooooooo tired today! My alarm didn't go off and I think that's what messed me up..but its going to be a long day! I take care of my gma 9-3..then VBS 5:30-8:30..shhooooo-wee! Anyway, here's the breakdown..

Curves Bar--1pt.
Pears in lite syrup--1pt.
Whey Shot--2pt.

Smart Ones Rigatoni with brocc--5pt.

power'wich with only half egg--3.5pt.
2 salads with 2 tbsp. melting pot dressing (I liked the first so much I had another!)--4pt.

At VBS (I was pretty good because I didn't scarf down a hot dog and me and ema shared the snack that went with story time!):
1/4 cup trail mix--1pt.

After VBS:
1 cup 1% milk--2pt.
2 low fat nutri-grain waffles--2pt.
2 tbsp. lite syrup--1pt.

Total: 23.5/23
Banked for week: -16pt

Total: 9/23

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