Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time to begin..

All right friends. I know I have fallen off the weight watchin' wagon..but starting monday I am going to start strong!! I have found some tools to help me on my journey and want to share them:

The PERFECT spread sheet for any WW could NOT get any easier than this! Thanks Stella Mama!! CLICK HERE

Of course there are plenty of places on the web to find point values for food and/or restaurants, and here are just a few I will be using (click on the whole link):
Simple Sushi List
Snakies by Stella Mama
Dotti's WL Zone--BIG restaurant list
ABC order restaurant list

Again from Stella Mama
Broken down by food category
Not organized, but provides lots of pictures
Organized by point value
And of course as I prepare WW dishes, I will record them in my personal blog

Random helpful hits (click link):
If you don't have a calculator..this helps
How to get through the weekend
Basically just visit Stella Mama
List of other WW friendly sites

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