Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 11

Feelin a little down on myself today about weight loss...I've been stickin to my diet, but I don't feel like I'm goin anywhere. Of course this could be caused by the fact I never officially weighed in consistently. It looks as though I have lost about 3 pounds, but I'm not totally sure. I need to exercise more but I keep feelin so worn out and when I have a good time to do it, its usually after dinner when I feel too full! I guess it also doesn't help that I had 3 corn nuggets for dinner and fruit tea making me feel kinda guilty even if I DID stay in my point range..i dunooooo..well here is my break down for the day:

Applesauce sugar-free--.5pt.

Pear in lite juice--1pt.

Turkey Rueben Quesidilla--2.5
Special K Crisps--1pt.

Dinner at Sweet Tea Diner:
3 corn nuggets--3pt.
1 small roll with butter--3pt.
2 orders green beans with honey mustard--1.5pt.
1 order turnip greens--0pt.
fruit tea--4pt.

After Dinner:
Low sugar Maple and Brown sugar Oatmeal--2pt.
1/4 cup 1% milk--.5pt.
1 tbsp. lite syrup--.25pt.

Total: 23.5/23 -.5pt banked

Banked today: 4.5
Banked to use: 20

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