Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 2

My first restaurant challege..and WON!

Food log:
-Applesauce .5pt.
-1/2 TLC pumpkin spice flax seed bar 1pt.

Lunch at Sweet Tea Diner:
Roll 2pt.
Baked chicken breast with skin removed 5pt.
2 servings green beans 1pt.?
Turnip Greens 0pt.
1 tbsp. honey mustard 1.5pt.
Unsweet tea mixed with about a cup of fruit tea 2pt.

1 cup turkey chili 4.5pt.
9 mini ranch rice cakes 1 pt.
1/2 lemon square 1.5pt.
1/2 KK mini crueler 1.5pt.

1 TLC pumpkin spice bar 1.5pt.

Running total: 23/23

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