Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 12

Today I am heading out to Florida to enjoy a long weekend for my birthday! I have banked points up all week for this weekend, so just cross your fingers that I can stay for the most part on task!! Good thing seafood is not toooooooo bad for u!

crumby muffin--2pt.
Unsweet tazo lemonade shaken from starbucks--0pt.

salad with free italian--0pt.
sugar free applesauce--.5pt.
HG exposed pizza--2pt.
*english muffin
*laughing cow
*tomato sauce
chicken broth--0pt.

Dinner at Chick-fil-a:
6 count kids nugget meal--4.5pt.
small waffle fry--6.5pt.
chick-fil-a sauce--4pt.
1/2 honey mustard with ketchup--.5pt.
40 Reese's Pieces--4pt.

Midnight birthday surprise at Shake's:
Junior custard with heath bites--5pt.

Total: 29/23 --used 6 banked points

Banked running total points: 19

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