Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 4

Another restaurant visit that was a success!!! I only took a teensy sip from Brian's margarita at my all time fav margarita place, Chili's! Oo..and I only had 3-4 SMALL chips! WOO!

POWER sandwich--4 pt.

1/2 cup turkey chili--2pt.
Green beans--0pt.
Brocc mixed with eggwhites--1pt.

Oikos greek yogurt--2 pt.
strawberries--1 pt.

Dinner at Chili's:
Margarita grilled chicken, NO tortilla chips or rice, add corn on cob (next time must ask WITHOUT butter! oops!)--14 pt.
4 chips with salsa--1 pt.

special k crisps (2)--2 pt.

Daily total: 27/23

Forgot to be including banked totals! With the WW flex plan you get either 5 extra points a day or 35 extra per week..I just do it by day..including today I have...

13 left!

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