Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 6 (today!)

I slept in today meaning I missed breakfast!

Lunch at McAlister's Deli:
You choose 2:
*Veggie Chili--2pt.
*1/2 the memphian--6pt.
*2 saltine crackers with chili--1pt.
Unsweet/sweet/lemonade tea mix--4pt.? (no idea on the point value)

Healthy Choice Chicken Margarita--6pt.
Special K crisps--2pt.
Ruby Tuesday Sangria--3pt.
2 turkey burgers--13pt.

sugar free oatmeal--2pt.
1 tbsp. lite syrup--.25pt.
1/4 cup 1% milk--.5pt.

Running total: 36.8/23

Banked: 7.2

Also, as I was looking up Restaurant info I figured I would include this..
McAlister's nutrion info straight from the horse's mouth
OR McAlister's points already figured for you

Then I thought this site was worth mentioning because it has low point stuff that I wanna look at!

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