Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 3--panera panera..

I made it out alive, but Panera Bread was a bit of a challenge! I knew going into it that they have barely anything under 10 points, so I kept it basic. Luckily I thought about it before hand and was prepared with some sugar free applesauce in my purse!

POWER sandwich (myyy fav)--4 pt.
*Nature's Own Round-1 pt.
*3 slices turkey-1 pt.
*Egg Whites-1 pt.
*1 lite string cheese spread on bread-1pt.
1/2 cup 1% milk--1 pt.

Lunch at Panera:
Classic salad with balsamic vinegarette on the side--3.5 pt. (yes this was the lowest dressing they had! ugh..I was hoping for one of the 1pt. dressings that I found on the restaurant sites..)
Sugar free Applesauce--.5pt.
1 BITE of cinnamon coffee crumb cake--1pt. (my grandma got this and she offered me half, but I was good and only took 1 single bite! The entire slice has 11 points in it, so I figured that it was about 11 bites meaning I had 1pt.)

1 piece tilapia with garlic--1.5pt.
Broc/Chz--1 pt.
Green Beans--0pt.
Potato with LC and salsa--3 pt.
1/2 cup spinach soufle--4pt.

1/2 cup 1% milk--1 pt.
Cinnabon bar--3 pt.

spcial k crisp blueberry (1)--1 pt.

Running total: 24/23

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