Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 62

FREE TEA TODAY ONLY AT McAlister's Deli!! you know i went! haha..Since I had to be home early afternoon to help my parents, I went to a 'brunch' with brian about 10:30 to McAlister's..mmMmmm! Then dinner is healthy kebab night!! WOO! Yay food!

Brunch at McAlisters:
Choose 2:
Veggie Chili--2pt.
2 saltines--1pt.
1/2 reuben with NO sauce--4.5pt.
lemonade/unsweet tea=skinny arnold palmer (made that up)--2pt.
saying no to half of giant cookie brian bought, even when that meant throwing away the remains of it--well i should get additional points for this one, but I guess I just get a pat on the back for good behavior!

chicken kebabs--4pt.

Total: 20/23 --unused that cannot carry over, 3

Running bank: 14

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