Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 46

Happy 4th of July! I did not do too bad--if I do say so--for the 4th of July BBQ. Pretty positive I stayed in my range!

SF applesauce--.5pt.

salad with 1/2 tbsp. TMP dressing--1pt.
half blt--1.5pt.
1 cup knock off v8--1pt.
2 graham crackers--1pt.
1 tbsp. marshmellow crème--.5pt.

Dinner at the Russell's:
BBQ with BBQ sauce (no bun)--4pt.
~1/2 cup baked beans--3pt.
couple bites pasta salad & asian nut salad--3pt.
plate of fruit--1pt.
hungry girl red velvet cupcake--3pt.
small bit choc cake and real red velvet--3pt.
veggie chips--1pt.
spinach dip n nuts--~5pt.

Total: 32.5/23

Banked that expire tonight: 7

Yay for going out of the end of the week with a (good) bang!!

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