Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 45

So tonight I went to Bunco with my parents and we each make dishes. Well it was hot dogs and hamburgers and I had this great plan to bring myself a lite hot dog to eat and save some points! Well..I forgot the hot dog at home! I ended up using more points than necessary..Looks like I am bringing that hot dog to the 4th of July celebration tomorrow instead! O well..

Breakfast (mommy made heart smart pancakes! and we figured the points out):
5 choc chip pancakes--3.5pt.
1/2 round--.5pt.
1/2 tbsp. lite mayo--.5pt.
1 slice bacon--.5pt.
1 tbsp. lite syrup--.5pt.

1/2 round--.5pt.
1 bacon--.5pt.
1/2 tbsp. lite mayo--.5pt.
2 pancakes--1.5pt.

burger patty--6pt.
baked beans--3pt.
corn on the cob--3pt.
e'claire ww desert--3pt.
bit of kantorick strawberry/blueberry thing--2pt.
stuffed mushroom--2.5pt.

Total: 34/23 (used banked points)

Banked for week: 11.5

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