Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 80 (9-3-10)

So this one is kinda guesstimated. I stayed smart so I recorded things based on what I figured they might be..sorry for the inaccuracy, but luckily I had banked points for the week and will use the remainder of them today! I gotta stay good tho because when I weighed yesterday I was 2 pounds down from when I went to Disney!! WOO!! I broke through to under a number meaning that I loose 1 ww point per new total per day is 22~ that kinda sucks :-( in a good way tho :-)


Lunch at Chili's
house salad with1/4 citrus balsalmic, cheese corn relish--5.5pt.
1/2 green chili chicken soup--2pt.
1/2 enchilada soup--3pt.
4 chips with salsa--1pt.

Dinner at Sakura:
sushi-shrimp, cuc, cream cheese--7pt.
1 of ashton's fried roll--1pt.
salad with ginger--3pt.

1/2 SF applesauce--.25pt.
3 flutes wine--4pt.

Total: 37.75

Banked: 8

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