Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 23 (2-1-11)

egg whites, laughing cow, ham wrap--4pt.
SF applesauce--0pt.

1 cup super sonic tuna--2pt.
2 rice cakes--2pt.
SF applesauce--0pt.
activia dessert--4pt.

100 cal streusal muffins--3pt.

1/2 cup taco soup--1pt.
cheezey spinach stuff--3pt.
chicken with .5 oz. goat cheese--6pt.
candyland smalllll chunk--1pt.
2 hg monkey muffins--4pt.
apple with 1 tbsp. FF caramel--1pt.
1 cup almond choc milk unsweetened--1pt.
1/3 cup marshmellows--1pt.
2 thin mints--2pt.

Total: 35
used: 6

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