Tuesday, March 30, 2010

day 2--oops

so last night i continued to cheat. reese's puffs..

but today is a new day!
b-fast: special k bar--2pt.
lunch: Wedny's with momma--10 pt.
*plain potato(4) +1 garlic & herb laughing cow cheese(1) + salsa(0)=5 pt.
*BLT Cobb salad(2 for chicken, 1 for bacon, 1 for egg, 0 for lettuce) (minus bleu cheese) + Fat Free french(1)=5pt

DOUBLE oops...
Dinner at Toot's with friends: Burger (only ate half the bun)-~8pt.
3ish sangria-9pt.
Dessert at Chile's...brownie sunday--???pts
running daily count: 13/23 BUSTED oops..

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