Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 1--pretty day!

Didn't wake up for breakfast.
Lunch: Yummy Sandwich--5 pt.
*Nature's Own 100% Wheat Sandwich Rounds--1pt.
*Oscar Meyer Honey Ham (3 slices) and Oscar Meyer Honey Smoked Turkey (3 slices)--1 pt.
*Egg Whites--1 pt.
*Slice Havarti Cheese--2 pt.
*Tomato and Fat Free Italian Dressing--0 pt.
Snack: Kroger brand cheddar flavored mini rice cakes (4.5)--.5pt.
*Nature's Own 100% Wheat Sandwich Rounds--1pt.
*Lt. Mayo--1pt.
Dinner: 5 heartsmart semi-sweet choc chip pancakes with 2 tbsp. lite syrup--8pt.
1/2 cup 1% milk--2pt.
Cutie Mandarin Orange--1pt.
veggie salad with chicken and lit. catalina--2pt.
2 pancakes--2 pt.
Running Daily Total: 24.5/23 +1 NO MORE!
Veggie Count: 3
Exercise: Gardening + 10 min. carb blast= +1pt.

BUSTED--2 white cheddar rice cakes with prego sauce and pineapples..add 2 more points..what?? I was hungry!

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